About Jeff

Jeff has written and edited astronomy stories for more than three decades. These days he focuses primarily on books, but his articles have appeared in such outlets as Sky & Telescope, Nature, New Scientist and Communications of the ACM. In his former lives he served as editor-in-chief of StarDate magazine, managing editor of Astronomy magazine, and as a skywatching columnist for SPACE.com.

His 2007 book, The Arp Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies: A Chronicle and Observer’s Guide (with Dennis Webb), was adapted for a 2009 exhibit at the Schneider Museum of Art at Southern Oregon University in Ashland. The show featured 30 full-color images of interacting galaxies along with astronomy-themed original art.

Jeff is a recipient of the Klumpke-Roberts Award of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific, shared with Richard Berry and the rest of the Astronomy magazine staff, as well as the Lone Star Gazer award from the Texas Star Party.